The transformation opportunity you want your audience to experience only starts from stage. What really matters is what happens when they walk out of the room.

Brett’s story inspires transformation and the takeaways he leaves your audience with turns that inspiration into their reality.


and I teach people how to “Unleash The Greatness Inside” by developing making decisions out of love, faith and confidence rather than fear. I teach and inspire audiences to Discover where they are, Decide to take action and Dominate the task at hand to reach the next level of success. I believe everything we want in life is possible when you learn to unleash the unlimited potential within.

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Brett will get your audience motivated, prepare them to take action and keep them talking about their amazing experience at the event long after the event is done. B


Self-improvement is the first part to creating your team’s unique competitive advantage. It’s the key to getting everyone playing like a team. Brett helps your team align on goals and teaches his signature productivity system to increase output.

Virtual Events

Brett’s been an online personality for as long as he has been speaking – giving him a unique ability to deliver his message with conviction whether it is from stage or online. His in-house studio set and equipment delivers a professional aesthetic while minimizing the “tech headache” for you and your team..


Whether you are looking for a speaker to motivate a stadium of 20,000 salesconsultants or coach an executive boardroom of 10, Brett delivers a tailored message that impacts each individual — leaving them with the tools to create lasting change.


Whether you are looking for a speaker

to motivate a stadium of 20,000

salesconsultants or coach an

executive boardroom of 10, Anthony

delivers a tailored message that

impacts each individual — leaving

them with the tools to create lasting




Your audience will be inspired by Brett's story, his journey and his experience to take action on creating true transformation.


Learn the power of communication, empathy and understanding as a form of identifying with your co-workers.



Brett teaches that a growth mindset and making the commitment to be better is what prepares you for the obstacles ahead.


"Be/Do/Have" instead of "Have/Do/Be" can be reprogrammed to fit a person's desired outcome, if they understand how to make that mindset shift. This is part of Brett's signature keynotes.


Create productive patterns with you and your team that increases your company's culture and each team member's output.


Brett teaches your audience to seek fulfillment as the true indicator of success and how to align all areas of life in order to keep moving towards that goal.


Unleash The Greatness In You

How To Stop Settling for Less, Maximize Your Potential and Get Everything You Want.

Ideal Audience: Corporate, Entrepreneur and General Audiences and can be tailored for Leadership, Sales, and your Specific Industry

Value: Increase personal productivity and accountability for yourself and your employees which leads to more bottom-line effectiveness, efficiency, and income.

Whether it’s to raise the bar and access success at work, start a business, become an author, or reach the top of Mt. Everest, we all have big goals in life. But many of us spend more time talking about the things we want to do, than actually doing them. Yet every day we’re surrounded by people who achieve really big goals. From executives to entrepreneurs to athletes, we all have someone we admire for the elite level of success they’ve achieved. But why were they so successful, when so many of us fall short of our goals time after time?

As a former Award Winning Film Director and successful restaurateur… Brett Parker knows you need to be Bold, Decisive and Assertive to achieve big goals. But it is ourselves who is holding us back from what we want to achieve. Brett believes that success is an inside job. You need to change your identity first. Then your career, relationships and business will follow.

In this insightful and engaging program, Brett shares how to use focus, discipline and a growth mindset to  skyrocket you to achieving your biggest goals. Learn the three core “stages” — Discover, Decide and Dominate — and how elite performers use them to reach higher levels of success in their career, their relationships, and in life. Get ready to Unleash The Greatness In You!

Takeaways: In this program, you’ll learn…

  • How when you focus on the better version of you. Your thoughts, actions and beliefs all revolve around what you want. Who you want to become now.
  • That success is an inside job. You can have the best strategy in the world, but if your mindset is wrong you will never get there. 
  • The right mindset will keep you focused on the things you want. 
  • What you see in your life will never outperform your beliefs. 
  • If you don’t forgive yourself you will never allow yourself to be the better version. Your beliefs will undermine your actions. 
  • When you focus of your “Why” and your goals, getting out of your comfort zone and achieving your goals becomes easier.

Inclusions When You Book Brett

  • A pre-event 60s Custom Marketing Video to spark buzz with attendees
  • Pre-event guided prep call to leave no stones unturned for keynote development
  • A customized keynote to that creates an unforgettable experience and nails your theme
  • Post event: Custom 10 minute training video with accompanying PDF to help attendees implement 

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